How to avoid a scam when hunting for a BDSM Partner

When looking for a BDSM relationship or hookup online, please be aware of online scammers. As with any dating scene, there are trustworthy members and then there are the bad apples you need to look out for. More


Music With Lyrics: Finding Your Way Back to Yourself After Sexual Assault

E. M. The term itself is insufficient and sounds oddly trivial. The word ‘stealth’ has various associations in the Oxford English Dictionary (2020), including ‘secretly and without right or permission’, ‘clandestinely’, ‘furtive’. A stealth action happ…


This Guide to Sexual Grooming Can Protect You and Your Friends from Online Abusers

Josie GleaveWhat does sexual grooming look like in online spaces, and how can you protect yourself an your friends from it? Grooming means to train or prepare a person for a specific purpose.
In sexual grooming, abusive people build a relationship with…


Late Bloomer: A Guide To Orgasm After Rape

Christina EliaWhen my assault happened, I was stunted in my sexual exploration, and I had no choice but to start anew. I’ve learned it will always be an ongoing battle for me, but a possible feat. Scarleteen readers confronting a comparable situation …


Hookup Culture and the Impact of COVID-19: An interview with Lisa Wade, PhD

Gabriel LeãoDue to the Coronavirus pandemic, many higher learning students are having to put their sexual lives on hold. To talk about casual sex in college life and the effects COVID-19 might be having on it, Scarleteen spoke with sociologist Lisa Wad…


Body Talk: Listening To and Learning From Your Chronic Pain

Amanda LehrFor those of us with chronic pain, living our lives with other people — be that with sex or something else — can be tricky. Why was I often having such a hard time communicating such basic things? I realized that some of the survival strat…


10 Tips for Intimacy When You’re Struggling to Connect with Your Partner

Are you struggling to connect and be intimate with your partner, perhaps in spite of the fact that you’re spending more time at home together than ever? Try some of these tips to increase your overall intimacy and sense of connection to one another. 


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