Coming Out

How and when you come out as trans to those closest to you is a very personal decision, and the experience can be very stressful. Truth is, you may face some negativity. It is important to remember that your friends and family also have to “transition” to some degree to come to terms with your gender change. Be patient and give them time to come around. You may find it helpful to discuss coming out strategies with a gender therapist.

Coming Out to Friends and Family

Coming out in the workplace must be navigated carefully. Start by researching your employer’s equality/diversity/inclusion policies, and brushing up on your knowledge about your local jurisdiction’s anti-discrimination laws (if any.) At some point, you will want to meet with your supervisor and/or a HR rep to discuss the changes you are making. Again, talking with a gender therapist about workplace issues is recommended.

  Know Your Rights At Work  Guide to Transition in the Workplace

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