Finding a Therapist

There are a couple of reasons why you will want to add a therapist to your transition team:

1) Transition is stressful and having a safe space to talk about your problems and feelings is extremely helpful, and

2) you will most likely require an assessment and letter of recommendation from a therapist before you can proceed with HRT and/or surgery. While some surgeries can be done on the basis of informed consent, such as Hysterectomy and Top Surgery, most surgeons will not perform genital surgery on a patient without the recommendation of a mental health professional.

Seek out a therapist who has experience working with transgender patients and is someone who you feel you can confide in. Before engaging a potential therapist, make sure they have written letters of recommendation for HRT and/or surgery before, and find out how many sessions they typically require to provide the letter. (This can vary widely: some therapists require a set number of months for therapy, while others will write a letter after a single session.) There are a number of web pages that list reputable gender therapists. You can also ask friends in your support group(s) and other members of the trans community.

WorldWide Gender Therapist Listing

  Transgender  Certified  Therapists  

Gender Therapists By World Region


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