Gender Presentation

As you make progress through your transition, you will begin living in the gender role congruent with your identity. These changes in your gender presentation typically involve clothing, shoes, hair, makeup, and may also include the purchase of gender affirming products like packers, gaffes and breast forms. This may also be the right time to initiate non-medical treatments like hair removal and vocal training, or HRT.

FTM Guide: Presenting as Male

MTF Guide: Presenting as Female

Your gender presentation will require more than just changing outside appearances. There will also be social adjustments to make as you make yourself known at work and family functions, and in your community.

While the dreaded term “real life test” or “experience” has been removed from the WPATH Standards of Care, 12 continuous months of living as your preferred gender is required before proceeding with genital surgery. (U.S. Insurance companies may have their own “real life experience” requirements.)

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