Important Considerations for Gender Transition

Educate Yourself

You reached this page, so the notion of transitioning is likely much more than just a passing idea to you. (Pun intended!) Prior to seeking medical treatment, spend plenty of time quietly reflecting on your decision to transition, and consider keeping a personal journal or private blog to work out your feelings. Get out of your head too: Find someone that you can confide in and bounce ideas off, whether that be a close and understanding friend or someone from a local or online transgender support group.

Find a Support Group

Find a Transgender Therapist 

To help you make an informed decision, educate yourself about the transition process and the benefits and risks of transitioning. The Internet puts a staggering amount of information available at your fingertips, with searches for “male to female” and “gender reassignment” turning up thousands of results—some more accurate than others—but don’t limit yourself to just the web. Your local library, bookstore or LGBT center may carry some helpful books, and support group members are tremendous assets to noobies with questions. Ask away!

Coming Out

Finance Your Transition

Gender Presentation

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