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Swinging Relationships and Their Constellations: An Introduction
Swinging Relationships Traditionally swingers are couples that desire to participate in exploratory sexual activity with other couples. There is a trend of couples desiring a single female, also known as a “unicorn,” to add to...
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Glossary of Commonly Used Terms in the Kink Communities
Kinky Glossary All skills or play styles described below involve interactions between consenting adults unless otherwise noted.* denotes activity which are commonly considered Edgeplay though other play may fall into this category for some participants...
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What is Shibari and Kinbaku?
All of these shibari resources are dedicated to supporting positive sexuality and or alternative relationships and sexual identities. Organization descriptions are be pulled from their respective websites. This is not exhaustive and I encourage you to add...
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Consent and Safety in Kinky Dynamics for Professionals
Safety in Play in the BDSM Community Safety is of great concern in the community and there are three, nearly universal, codes or measures for safety and consent guidelines for which they practice; SSC, RACK,...
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20-30 Minute Dating Check-in
20-30 minute dating check-in, why is it good? Have you ever been on a date and you knew in the first few minutes it was a bad idea?  Then you decide to stick it out...
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History of Pride and the LGBTQ+ Community
Pride wasn't originally a celebratory thing like it is now. It was actually a riot, the Stonewall Riots, which lasted from June 28th 1969 – July 3rd 1969. The riots took place in the Greenwich...
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Sports and Sexuality
Within the sports world, sexuality is something that is now being discussed more than ever. It might have something to do with more athletes coming out. It's also more prevalent in women’s sports than men’s...
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Simulation Dating Unicorn Therapist
Simulation Dating, what is it? We’ve come a long way from Dream Phone and furtive sessions of Leisure Suit Larry on Tandy demo computers at the local Radio Shack. Several popular videogames right now are...
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How to Overcome a Panic Attack With the ‘AWARE’ Method
What is AWARE? All of us experience anxiety from time to time but this is most severe by far when it evolves into a full blown anxiety attack of panic attack. This is something that...
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The Kink Phobia Problem
Sexual Outsiders and Kink Phobia Sexual, genders, and relationship minorities, also known as sexual outsiders, are currently not receiving the proper standard of care by mental health professionals. One of the barriers to the development of...
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What is Swinging?
“Swinging” is the practice of ethical “sport sex,” or engaging in sexual encounters with no emotional attachment. Swingers resist any emotional connection with alternative sexual partners and tend to roam in couples. Swingers often hold...
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What is Polyamory?
Polyamory has many definitions depending on which poly community that you are asking. For the purposes of this blog series, we are identifying “polyamory” as the practice of having more than one intimate relationship within the...
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What is Asexuality?
Asexuality is an Orientation “Aѕеxuаlitу” is a sexual orientation characterized by a persistent lack of sexual attraction towards any gender. Like every other sexual orientation, asexuality is not a choice. My asexual clients never report...
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Breathing Exercises and Other Techniques to Remain Calm
Just Breathe If you’re looking to improve your ability to stay calm and collected under pressure, then there are numerous different techniques you can use. One of the most potent is to learn to control...
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Introduction to CBT
A Basic Introduction to CBT (Not Cock and Ball Torture) If you’re looking for a way to stay calm in a tense situation, for a way to be focussed when all you want to do...
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