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Scat Play: Is it normal?
There is nothing wrong with wanting to find an individual or individuals that share your love and interest in this kind of play. They are out there. This is a fairly well-known fetish. There are...
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Is Kink Healthy?
Kink is Very Healthy! The Psychological community, outside of those who specialize in sex therapy, is notorious for viewing Kink and BDSM related activities as a pathology (Ortmann and Sprott,). Even the current DSM-5 stipulates that Sadism and...
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Who Are Kinky People?
Are my Neighbors Kinky? Kink related activities are not uncommon among the general populous. Thaddeus Birchard, a foremost clinician and researcher in Great Britain, is an advocate for the normalization of Kink related behaviors. In his...
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Why Are People Kinky?
Are Kinky People Crazy? NO! Kinky People are not Crazy!!!! Kinky sexual practices go beyond what are considered conventional as a means of heightening the intimacy between sexual partners. Sexuality is not a binary concept of normal...
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What Is A Paraphilia?
Malin and Saleh (2007) report that the debate continues as to whether paraphilias are best conceptualized as sexual disorders unto themselves, or are simply a special kind of obsessive disorder, anxiety disorder, or even addiction...
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What Is A Fetish?
There are two definitions of “fetish.” The clinical term refers to a form of sexual desire in which gratification or arousal to a degree depends on some object, item of clothing, environment, role, sensation, or...
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What is Kink?
Normal Sex? According to traditional American cultural ideology, “normal” sexuality, relationship and gender identity involves a man and woman (heterosexual), both of who identify with their physical gender (cisgender), and who only have sex with...
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Evolution of Kink into Sex Culture: An Introduction
Sexual Culture Norms Western sexual, relationship, and gender norms have evolved with the turn of the 21st century. The Western world, which encompasses Europe, North America, and South America, has been influenced in the past...
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Why do medical and mental health providers need to learn about the Kink community?
Do Medical Professionals See Kinky Patients? In mental health professional ethics, it is considered unethical, and a poor standard of practice, to treat patients without understanding their culture, and there are a number of ethical...
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Dr. Harmony and The KTCI Program Origin
Dr. Harmony Biography and Kink Experience My name is Patsy Evans aka Dr. Harmony and I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Supreme Court Certified Family Court Mediator, Clinical Sexologist, and...
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Kink Aware Therapy Program Objectives
KTCI Program Objectives Medical and mental health providers will have a fundamental understanding of the concepts of kinky and alternative relationships, communities serving those engaging in those relationships, and their role as a medical provider,...
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Purpose of the Kink Aware Therapy Program
Kink Aware Therapy Certification Program Purpose The KTCI program is designed to give mental health providers, health and sexuality educators and medical providers the tools necessary to work with sexual, gender and relationship outsiders who...
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What is Kink Culture?
Culture is defined as the attitudes, rituals, etiquette, and customs of a group, which separates it from other groups. Kink culture refers to the groups and subgroups where their primary form of connection involves a...
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What Are The Clinical Concerns For Those Who Participate In Fetishistic Or Paraphilic Exploration?
Fetishistic Exploration Gone Wrong As clinicians, we are always looking for the concept of impairment. If the clients’ fetish, Kink, or paraphilia is interfering in their relationships, work, or creating financial, legal, or health concerns, then...
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