Meaning of Gay

Though there are a few ways that define what gay means, one is more accurate than the others. The more accurate definition of the word gay is someone who is homosexual. It is usually for someone who is a man, though women do use the word to describe themselves. The word was originally used as …

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History of Pride and the LGBTQ+ Community

lgbtq+ community

Pride wasn’t originally a celebratory thing like it is now. It was actually a riot, the Stonewall Riots, which lasted from June 28th 1969 – July 3rd 1969. The riots took place in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. The community was tired of not being able to exist without being prosecuted and …

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Sports and Sexuality

Within the sports world, sexuality is something that is now being discussed more than ever. It might have something to do with more athletes coming out. It’s also more prevalent in women’s sports than men’s sports. Women vs Men in the Community It’s often women athletes who are open about being part of the LGBTQ+ …

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