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All of these resources are dedicated to supporting positive sexuality and or alternative relationships and sexual identities. Websites and organization descriptions are be pulled from their respective websites. This is not exhaustive and I encourage you to add to the list in the comments and if your organization would like to be included in the list, please email [email protected].

What are Bigs and Littles

AB/DL: acronym for Adult Baby/Diaper Lover, is a form of age play that is centered around the enjoyment of being dressed and treated like a baby as well the love of being diapered as well; See also: Age play

Age Play: play which allows for participants to take on characteristics and traits of a specific age/age range outside their own; tend to be nurturing in nature and may, but do not necessarily involve, fantasies of incest; Common dynamics include Daddy/girl, Mommy/baby, Teacher/student; Age players are consenting adults only; See also: AB/DL

Recommended Reading about Bigs and little

Recommended Websites about Bigs and little

Age Non-Conformity is a purposefully vague term that refers to an individual’s tendency towards feeling, and expressing oneself in ways that do not adhere to societies expectations for maturity. It can be thought of as an inclusive blanket term for those who feel “little” enough to do stereo-typically infantile things (like wearing diapers, using a pacifier etc…). Additionally the term usually implies a watering down of masculine/feminine norms. For a more complete breakdown see the glossary.

The intent of this website is to carve out a safe space for those who feel little, and want to learn more about their community. Additionally this website aims to provide information for those outside our community to get a more accurate view of who we really are. Naturally as many of us wear diapers, this website provides information relevant to those dealing with incontinence as well.

Some of you may be familiar with, the ABDL community. The ABDL community is the kink related subset of the larger age-nonconforming umbrella. As the ABDL community is our community’s most recognizable face on the internet, it is natural to include the term ABDL in our glossary.
That being said, this website focuses on exploring our identities rather than on sexuality. 

Littlespace Online

Bigs and littles

Littlespace Online is a free resource, community, and chat system for all ageplayers, caregivers, littles, adult babies, diaper lovers, Daddy Doms, Mommy Dommes, and others within or interested in these dynamics. Account registration, the live chat room, informative articles, helpful advice, downloadable features like coloring pages, and site access as a whole cost no money to any member at any time. We intend to keep it that way through our devotion and your help!

Littlespace Online costs money to keep available though. There are hosting fees, security fees, maintenance fees, and so much more that we don’t require members to pay towards. As our site grows, more funds will need to be available for things like upgraded hosting services, DDoS protection from additional security issues, and additional technical support for more complex site errors and feature upgrades.

Playground for Littles and Bigs

Bigs and littles

Welcome to the Littles and Bigs Playground, this is our network created for everyone in the Caregiver and Little community to connect. Littles and Bigs of all types are welcome here.

Dating for Bigs and littles

Bigs and littles

DateCGL is a friendly safe-space match-making site dedicated to adult ageplayers, people who identify as agefluid, transage persons (transagers), Caregiver/little relationships, adult babies, babyfur, littlespace lovers, DDLG, MDLB, ABDL, CGL and CGLre, and other like-minded folks with AgeRe, age regression, preferences and personalities.

Bigs and littles

We know it’s hard to meet adults in diapers or people who like to get into little space! People are quick to judge or just don’t understand. We are here to help you meet people who love diapers, adult pacifiers, and getting into little space just like you do. is a diaper dating site for the Adult Baby Diaper Lovers community. We are proud to say that the site was made for us and by us. 

You don’t have to be ashamed of your interest in diapers. Instead, you can now easily find people who love them too! Whether you are a Adult Diaper lover, Adult Baby or a caregiver, ABDLmatch is the perfect place to meet people who love the same things as you do! No more awkward conversations trying to explain why you wear adult diapers or what little space is. Now you can rest easy that the people you are talking to get it!

As an AB/DL dating site you can easily use our diaper chat features to meet other members. You can browse photos, make friends, send messages and most importantly find the perfect adult diaper lover or caregiver for you. Our advanced search capabilities help you find exactly what you are looking for. Start your diapered adventure with us today.

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