Kink and Sexuality Research Organizations

Kink and Sexuality Websites and Organizations

All of these organizations are dedicated to positive sexuality and or alternative relationships and sexual identities. Organization descriptions are be pulled from their respective websites. This is not exhaustive and I encourage you to add to the list in the comments and if your organization would like to be included in the list, please email …

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Relationship Enrichment Books: Recommended Reading

relationship enrichment

This is my recommended reading list for those who are looking to enrich and grow their relationships. The tools are applicable to all forms of relationships. Whether you are polyamorous, asexual, gay or just a friend, these books are helpful in learning how to communicate and resolve conflict in healthy ways. Relationship Enrichment Books Difficult …

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Understanding Kink for Clinicians: Book Recommendations


This is not an exhaustive list of the amazing books that are out there. Feel free to add names in the comments or email [email protected] Healthcare Ethics and Kink Health Care Without Shame: A Handbook for the Sexuality Diverse and Their Caregivers, Charles Moser (Greenery Press, 1999). An in-depth guide for patients and doctors alike to …

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Common Therapy Topics and Challenges Seen with Polyamory Families

Open Relationship Therapist Working with polyamory families requires the therapist or coach to have the ability to be a good negotiator. When working with couples that are looking into opening their marriage, our first session is the same whether they are exploring polyamory or swinging. Additionally, it is not uncommon for couples that are exploring …

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Polyamory Relationships and Family Dynamics: An Introduction

open relationship

Polyamory Relationship Constellations There are an infinite number of polyamory relationship styles. Oftentimes, the chosen family is a large part of these constellations with friends and partners are often lumped together as “family.” Mim Chapman (2010) describes a number of different dynamics and constellations that can occur within ethically non-monogamous relationships, which are described below. …

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Simulation Dating Unicorn Therapist

Dating Simulation Title

Simulation Dating, what is it? We’ve come a long way from Dream Phone and furtive sessions of Leisure Suit Larry on Tandy demo computers at the local Radio Shack. Several popular videogames right now are dating simulators or dating sims. These games aim to boost players’ confidence and social skills. Simulation Dating games help players …

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The Kink Phobia Problem

kink phobia problem

Sexual Outsiders and Kink Phobia Sexual, genders, and relationship minorities, also known as sexual outsiders, are currently not receiving the proper standard of care by mental health professionals. One of the barriers to the development of more educational programs about this population is the lack of mainstream science acknowledging it as an identifiable subculture. This blog …

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Why do medical and mental health providers need to learn about the Kink community?

kink phobia problem

Do Medical Professionals See Kinky Patients? In mental health professional ethics, it is considered unethical, and a poor standard of practice, to treat patients without understanding their culture, and there are a number of ethical standards in place to address the importance of a multicultural study. Multicultural competence also includes the fundamental understanding of the …

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