Menstrual Discs: A Unique Option for Back to School

After a week of constant ads for menstrual discs on my Snapchat, I finally gave in and tried them. The prospect of a 12-hour, no-(or-low) leak, potentially cramp-reducing product with the option of mess-free sex on your period? Enough to […]

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Five LGBT Icons You Should Know

In honor of October being LGBT History Month, I thought we should celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender icons that you’re, unfortunately, probably not learning about in your history class. Let’s take a look at some of the people […]

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13 Sexual Health Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you ready to have your mind blown (outside of the bedroom)? Check out these fascinating sexual health statistics. 


8 Ways to Explore Sexuality

Our sexualities are as diverse as they are complicated. Ever fluctuating and evolving through our lives and experiences, your sexuality can affect all areas of your life, especially when neglected. There are so many ways to explore and engage w…

Cannasexuality Part 2

the desire for, elevating our enjoyment of necessary and commonplace functions in life? Is there lacking in the ambition of human intellect in order to push past the limits of modernity into the future, mind-shattering realm of entertainment? No, there is no limit to this. There is not a lack of drive or desire for this. Let us continue in discussing the many applications of cannabis in elevating sexual play into this second level of pleasure. More

Why You Should Be Planning Sex

Image by Alex Kacha 
If you’re familiar with the BDSM or kink communities, then you know how much planning goes into every play session. The who, what, when, how, and with what tools or toys are not something that can be left to surprise. Th…

Rethinking Sex and Genitalia

For too long, the majority of society has prescribed to the idea that sex means penetration, particularly penis in vagina penetration. But this simply isn’t true. Sex is about stimulation and inviting someone to create and harness sensation in…

Don’t Be Shy: 8 Tips for Talking to Your Partner About Sexual Fantasies

There is always room for improvement when it comes to communicating with your partner about sex. 


Enhance Your Sex Life with Porn

Most people find porn to be something dirty or otherwise offensive. A significant portion of that group of people is typically female. On the other hand, men tend to enjoy looking at and reading porn. More

9 Health Benefits of Sex

Sex is one of the most amazing things that the human body is capable of experiencing. Actually, all creatures have the ability to have sex but it is the humans that tend to do it for reasons other than reproducing. Couples enjoy engaging in sexual activities for the physical and emotional pleasure it brings. It […] More

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