Recommended Documentaries for Clinicians

All of these documentaries are dedicated to supporting positive sexuality and or alternative relationships and sexual identities. Descriptions are be pulled from their respective websites. This list is not an exhaustive list and I encourage you to add to the list in the comments and if your documentary would like to be included in the list, please email [email protected].

Kink Documentaries

Kink Phobia Movie

Kink Phobia Movie
Kink Phobia Movie

BDSM: It’s Not What You Think (Erin Palmquist, 2010). This is an educational documentary developed by participants of BDSM.

Beyond Vanilla (Hanky Code Productions, 2005). Beyond Vanilla analyzes the history of various Kinks and fetishes from the points-of-view of sex experts, porn stars, and the average folks who choose to indulge in them.

CARAS How to work with BDSM Clients (CARAS, 2008). The Community Academic Consortium put this video together for Research on Alternative Sexualities to help therapists understand the therapeutic differences between non-Kinky and Kinky clients.

Domme: Documenting the Life of One Dominatrix (Carter and Sanches, 2012). Light and humorous documentary about a professional Domme.

Interior. Leather Bar (RabbitBandini Productions, 2014). A docufilm which explores the lost footage of the movie Cruising in which Gay SM Leather culture is explored.

Kink (RabbitBandini Productions, 2013). This is a documentary about the website and its creator. This filmmaker explores not only the business of Kink, but the emotional aspects as well in his interviews with the creators, models and staff of

Love Hard (Sensate Films, 2014). Documentary about BDSM and intimacy.

Fetish Documentaries

Fetish Subculture Documentary (Carl Simard, 2014). Documentary exploring the fetish subculture and community.

Fetishes (Lafayette Films, 1996). This is an ethnographic documentary, exploring the underground fetish community and filmed at a specific New York Bondage House. The filmmaker follows, interviews and observes professional Domme’s at work.

Furry Documentaries

Furries: An Inside Look (Curt Pehrson, 2011). This documentary is a brief overview into the world of furries.

Furry Fandom (Színház- és Filmmüvészeti Egyetem, 2012). This documentary is a brief overview of the history and practice of furry fandom.

Ethical Non-Monogamy Documentaries

Three in a Bed: Hidden Lives (Landmark Films, 2007). Documentary about polyamory.

When Two Won’t Do (Galafilm Productions, 2002). Documentary exploring various forms of ethical non-monogamy.

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