Basic Dungeon Etiquette

These are some basic dungeon social rules, however, every dungeon has their own set if boundaries and it is important to inquire about their individual boundaries. For example, some dungeons allow nudity and sex, whereas, others do not. Some dungeons allow for blood and medical play whereas, others do not. Often, many of the rules that involve nudity and sex are dependent on the country, state, and county laws.

Communication in a Dungeon

  • DMs have the final word on all matters within the play area, including the right to stop an unsafe or abusive scene, as well as the right to eject any participant who refuses to abide the posted rules. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
  • If you are a D-type, it is your responsibility to lead by the example of being polite in all situations. Just because you are a D-type does not make all s-types your s-type. Please respect others’ protocols.
  • Do not make assumptions about the availability of someone to play or interact with. Although there are general rules of etiquette, remember the strictness of protocol is different from D/s to D/s, thus, it is important to error on the side of High Protocol.
  • Do not touch, speak, or interact with anyone or their property without direct permission.
  • Please assume all s-types are under the protection of a D-type and ask permission from their D-type prior to interacting with the submissive.
  • Treat everyone with respect no matter the identity they hold. Do not assume that as a D-type, this identity supersedes any protocols they have negotiated with their owner.
  • In general conversation a sub, from time to time, may forget to use the honorific Sir/Ma’am and may even make another minor mistakes. If the sub is not yours, you are permitted at worst to frown to indicate you are a strict D-type. You are NOT permitted to take to task a sub for the omission unless you have direct permission from their owner.
Pony Play in Dungeon
  • When addressing s-types in conversation there are several different scenarios, some of which are indicated here:
    • The s-type is on a leash or standing behind their D-type. In this case it is rude to even acknowledge the presence of the s-type and is up to their D-type to initiate any conversation with the s-type, or not as the D-type pleases.
    • The s-type is beside or slightly between you and the D-type.
    • Approach as if the s-type was just a chair, around the s-type.
    • Always address the D-type first and allow the D-type to introduce you to their s-type, or not as the D-type pleases.
    • If you know the s-type and you have had several previous conversations with this s- type before, even then it is rude to talk to the s-type before proper greetings are given to the D-type. Then it is always best to ask of the D-type how is their s-type doing.
    • The s-type is alone and appearing not to be with someone. Please introduce yourself and ask the s-type if they are free to talk to you. DO NOT be offended if the s-type indicates or says no. Many s-types are owned and may be under orders not to talk to strangers.
    • If for any reason you are unsure of the type of person you are talking to it is considered polite to ask.
    • As an s-type, unsure of the type of person asking you this question, the polite answer is “I belong to Sir/Mistress X, please ask his/her permission to speak to me.”

Dungeon Play

  • Negotiate ALL scenes.
  • Respect ALL limits.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances interrupt a scene or involve yourself in a scene without an invitation from the D-type.
  • Either have a negotiated safe word or agree upon the use of the universal color codes of Green, Yellow, and Red.
  • Respect the play area and use universal procedures for wet play.
  • Please disinfect and clean any equipment used.
  • Please clean up your play area following your scene.
  • Limit the use of loud noises in the play area.
  • Limit play to designated areas.
  • Never walk away from an active scene when an s-type is bound in any way.


BDSM couple at play

When meeting someone outside the Kinky community environment that you know is in the scene, it is rude to acknowledge how you know them in anyway. Privacy and discretion are to be respected. All information about party activities, attendees, etc., is to be considered confidential.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • No alcohol or recreational pharmaceuticals are allowed. If you appear impaired, the management reserves the right to refuse admittance into the establishment or escort you off the premises.
  • Most dungeons and State or County laws do not allow nudity and alcohol within the same establishment; however, this varies from state to state. Additionally, most liability insurance companies will not insure a dungeon if they allow alcohol.
Paddle Collection

Pictures and Video

  • Do not bring cameras or recording devices.
  • Cell phone calls must be made and received outside of the play area
Rubber Fetish


No weapons (including pepper spray) or weapons can be allowed into either the play area or the premises.

Some dungeons allow edge play and the will allow weapons upon inspection and special permission.

Sexual Adventure Tools
Expressive handsome muscular man with a chainsaw in the old dungeon


● No smoking or glass allowed in the play area

Human skull smoking a cigarette

Sex and Nudity

  • No penetrative sex
  • There is no nipple or genital exposure allowed in the play area
Dark Tortured man at dungeon
portrait of woman wearing latex clothes with handcuffs
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