Erotic Talk with Dr. Harmony

Why Should I Learn Erotic Talk?

Erotic talk can make your love life ever so slightly HOT HOT HOT! It is creative, fun and helps to build amazing sexual tension.  It also increases intimacy and improves communication.  Remember that your brain, is the largest sex organ. With a little dirty texting or chat, your naughty imagination will go wild with the ideas and images your chatter creates. Want a great mind fuck, then start talking dirty to your partner(s)!

Explore New Adventures with Dirty Ideas!

Whether it is with a partner or a play date, erotic messages are a great way to explore new sexual scenarios. It is sexually arousing, uninhibited and allows you to play out a scene (preview, practice and rehearse) and troubleshooting potential problems. Additionally, talking dirty is a form of safe sex!

erotic talk

So starting steaming up your text messages and chatter with this free introductory erotic talk class by Dr. Harmony.

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“Talk dirty to me, baby!”

The easiest way to learn what kind of erotic talk to try, is just to ask your partner.

You can try sensual talk that describes sensations through sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.  You can use similes and metaphors can help build the excitement.  Similes use “like” and “as” to compare two things. Metaphors make a direct comparison using the word “is” instead.

Add sexy locations like the beach, castle, jacuzzi, desert island, parked at a romantic look-off, or a brothel.  Read erotica to each other, listen to an erotic audio recording together, watch porn, look at an erotic magazine, write erotic notes to each other or record an erotic message and leave it on their phone.

Describe a current love making session that is happening now as you experience it or talk about a past sex date you had with your partner (Remember when…) or want to have in the future (I would love to try this…).

There are lots of ways to begin using erotic talk in the bedroom to seduce your lover, enhance lovemaking, arousal and orgasms!  So, try out some of our tips today.

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