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The Sex Positive Academy (SPA) is a sex educator and therapist run community.

We offer tools to support individuals, couples, families, and professionals.

There is a lot more to sex education. than the birds and the bees. There is so much information about sex on the internet, it becomes hard to differentiate fact from fiction. Thus, we curated a collection of materials that are: progressive, positive, and constructive. We have products and resources from professional sex educators and therapists. Our collection has resources about relationships, solo sex, healing, BDSM, LGBTQ+ identity and history, and more.


Sex positive professionals have specialized training in the various aspects of sexuality. For example, most professional training involves course work in the psychological, physiological, and sociological aspects of human sexuality. Sexual exploration is part of a sex positive environment. Thus, sex positive professionals are culturally competent in areas of Kink and Gender. Training also often involves supervised practicum work prior to practice.

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Education is the Key

Spa offers a variety of tools to support healthy sex education. We have the Ask a Sexpert Blog, a video collection, and offer a ton of workshops. Thus, all your sexual educational need can be met right here!

Sex Positivity?

Having a Sex Positive identity involves having positive attitude about sex, feeling comfortable with one’s own sexual identity, and acceptance with the sexual behaviors of others.

Whether you are struggling or just curious, SPA will fulfill your need.

Ask a Sexpert Blog and Video Collection

We answer submitted questions about sexuality via our Ask a Sexpert Blog. This service is free, private, and unanimous. additionally, our Sexperts and mental health professionals contribute other useful tools and tips in our blog. Learning styles are important, therefore, our blog offers both written and video resources.

Dr. Harmony Teaching
Dr. Harmony Teaching
What is Kink Culture?

What is Kink Culture?

Culture is defined as the attitudes, rituals, etiquette, and customs of a group, which separates it from other groups. Kink...
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What Are The Clinical Concerns For Those Who Participate In Fetishistic Or Paraphilic Exploration?

What Are The Clinical Concerns For Those Who Participate In Fetishistic Or Paraphilic Exploration?

Fetishistic Exploration Gone Wrong As clinicians, we are always looking for the concept of impairment. If the clients’ fetish, Kink,...
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Sexual Tools and Toys

Our hand curated products are sex therapist tested. Thus, you know you are purchasing a high quality produced when you purchase our recommended products. We review products for all genders and activities.

Workshops and Professional Programs

Our curated programs are fun, exciting, and comfortable. Our classes support a variety of educational needs. We offer everything from support for parents trying to have the talk to professional training. Additionally, we also offer steamy workshops for those looking to spice things up.

It Takes a Village

At Sex Positive Academy, believe in collaboration. Thus, we partner with selected companies and schools to offer the best products and workshops available. All products and programs are hand selected and evaluated by our SPA team. We work with relationships, sexuality, kink, mental health, and legal professionals and experts from all over the world. Therefore, if you are a sexpert and wish to collaborate with us, please email Dr. Harmony at [email protected].

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