How To Create Boundaries & Explore Taboos

Wellness professionals, especially clinician, must have continuing education in order to maintain their license and keep their skills sharp. Thus, we have selected classes that are fun and developed by pioneers in healthcare.

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Boundaries & Taboos Course

Sexual taboos exist in most cultures, and this course identifies the behaviors and fetishes that have been or are currently considered outside of ‘normal’ sexuality in various societies. Topics include: social nudism, prostitution, incest, cheating, multiple partners, sploshing, piercings, public sex & much more. Thus, if you are desiring to explore questionable sexual fun, this is your adventure class. Additionally, this course arms clinicians with tools to identify and explore fetishes with their clients.

Taboo Course Learning Objectives

This course follows SMART learning objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Phased). By the end of this course, students will understand and be able to:

  • Identify at least five (5) research findings from the Loveology University Sexual Boundaries Survey.
  • Differentiate between the terms hooker and sex worker, and explain how language creates stigma.
  • Name the ways in which the LGBTQI community has been harmed by the ‘taboo’ of homosexuality.
  • Explain the risks of anal penetration.
  • Summarize the reach and results of the 1873 anti-pornography law in the U.S..
  • Identify at least five (5) benefits to legalizing sex work.
  • Explore BDSM and give at least three (3) examples of BDSM activities.
  • Identify compersion and its role in polyamory.
  • Examine at least five (5) paraphilias.
  • Develop an actionable plan for couples looking to push their own sexual boundaries by engaging in behavior they consider taboo.
  • Evaluate the legalities of polyamory and polygamy in the U.S. and around the world.
  • Explore the most and least sexually active cultures and explain how they illustrate the globally disparate views about sexual taboos.
  • Discuss the Westermarck Effect as it relates to incest.
  • Understand the reasons that people cheat on their partners and identify at least three (3) findings from Loveology University’s Cheating Survey.
  • Learn about cultural reactions to nudity in the U.S..

Boundary and Taboo Course Work Format

  • Video: BOUNDARIES & TABOOS Narrated Multimedia Presentation Video (1hr 25m)
  • BDSM & Role playing: Erotic Confidence For Women With Kinky Desires with Mistress Minax (1hr 12 minutes)
  • Ask The Expert – Paraphilia & Fetishism with Dr. Hernando Chaves (24 minutes)
  • Final Quiz – 25 questions (about 30 minutes)*

There is a required passing grade for this program, thus you can feel confident that you will learn the necessary information with the tools provided.

Taboo Class
How To Create Boundaries & Explore Taboos