Sports and Sexuality

Within the sports world, sexuality is something that is now being discussed more than ever. It might have something to do with more athletes coming out. It’s also more prevalent in women’s sports than men’s sports.

Women vs Men in the Community

It’s often women athletes who are open about being part of the LGBTQ+ community. It may be because of the way society is and in a way makes it seem alright for women to be out. Or it’s often almost expected for women athletes to be LGBTQ+. As well as there often is a higher number of LGBTQ+ athletes within certain sports. But that doesn’t mean that everyone in that specific sport is anything other than straight. Though, LGBTQ+ athletes being open shows younger generations that it’s ok to be yourself.

 Whereas LGBTQ+ men aren’t always as likely to be open about their sexuality while in their sport. Often times, male athletes don’t come out until after they have retired. And that may be because of a variety of reasons.

Being Open and Talking About Sexuality within Sports World

An athlete choosing to be open publicly about their sexuality should be up to no one but them. They shouldn’t feel pressured to have to come out because society wants them to. Athletes who are open about their sexuality are just choosing to live their authentic lives on their own terms. Someone’s sexuality shouldn’t be something that they have to explain to anyone. Which goes for anyone, whether in the public eye or not.

LGBTQ+ and Their Counterparts

With athletes that are straight, they have a bit of a different experience than their LGBTQ+ counterparts. Straight athletes, for example, will never have to worry or have fear about things such as discrimination or people being negative towards them because of their sexuality.

Within sports, particularly women’s sports, there have been instances where LGBTQ+ athletes have had discussions with the straight athletes on their team about situations that they (LGBTQ+ athletes) have to think about that their straight counterparts don’t have to think or worry about. To which, conversations should be ongoing in general about athletics and sexuality. Conversations about being LGBTQ+ should be ongoing until it’s not seen as such a big deal like it currently is.

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