Swinging Relationships and Their Constellations: An Introduction

Swinging Relationships

Traditionally swingers are couples that desire to participate in exploratory sexual activity with other couples. There is a trend of couples desiring a single female, also known as a “unicorn,” to add to their sexual exploration, but as previously noted they are called unicorns because they are few and far between. When working with swinging clients, it is important to note that anonymity is often one of the essential boundaries they prefer.

Swinging Relationship
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Many swingers, traditionally avoid the sharing anything other than sexual intimacy with their partners outside of their primary relationship. In their value system, sex is not their primary form of intimacy building, and they tend to be very protective of their relationship. In the swinging community, there is a distinct bias against single males and bisexual males. Swingers are also ardently against infidelity and lying, and will quickly shun a person attempting to use the term swinging to excuse their infidelity.

However, there is a community of swinging relationships that merge their swinging world with the polyamory world and develop long lasting deep connections and friendships with their swapping partners. Even if they only see them at the occasional swing event, often the relationship is connection much like extended family.

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