Changing Your Name & Gender Marker

Unless you were given a unisex name at birth, changing your name will probably become a priority early on in your transition. Once you’ve selected a name that you identify with, you’ll want to get a legal name change, the process and cost of which varies depending on where you live. United States Name Changes …

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Trans* Resource Guide Discovery

I discovered this resource guide on FtM and felt that it was terrific. I added some items but make sure to support the original maker of this guide. To support the guide, please purchase from their affiliate links included in the post here. Welcome to our Trans* Resource Guide. Please let us know if …

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Menstrual Discs: A Unique Option for Back to School

After a week of constant ads for menstrual discs on my Snapchat, I finally gave in and tried them. The prospect of a 12-hour, no-(or-low) leak, potentially cramp-reducing product with the option of mess-free sex on your period? Enough to […]

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Five LGBT Icons You Should Know

In honor of October being LGBT History Month, I thought we should celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender icons that you’re, unfortunately, probably not learning about in your history class. Let’s take a look at some of the people […]

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So Your Partner Can’t Cum

So your partner can’t cum. Instead of letting it destroy your self-worth and interpreting it as an indicator that the relationship is over, flip the situation around and view it as an opportunity to explore sexuality in a new way.  

Put Your…

How To Have Your First Orgasm: A Primer for Cisgender Women

Suzannah WeissThere’s a lot of hype around orgasms, and they are an amazing part of sex for many people — but if you haven’t had an orgasm yet, that’s okay, too. And who could blame you when nobody really teaches us how to orgasm? Here are a few things…

Creating a Sexy Bedroom

Our surroundings have a huge impact on our mood, especially our libido. After a busy day, your bedroom should be your place of peace, tranquility, and hopefully, sexiness. However, have you ever put thought into upping the sexy vibes of your b…

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