Furry Fandom Resources


All of these resources are dedicated to supporting positive sexuality and or alternative relationships and sexual identities. Websites and organization descriptions are be pulled from their respective websites. This is not exhaustive and I encourage you to add to the list in the comments and if your organization would like to be included in the list, please …

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Glossary of Commonly Used Terms in the Kink Communities

Kinky Glossary All skills or play styles described below involve interactions between consenting adults unless otherwise noted. * denotes activity which are commonly considered Edgeplay though other play may fall into this category for some participants Kinky Glossary Disclaimer This Kinky Glossary was written more than five years ago there has been a significant number of changes …

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The Kink Phobia Problem

kink phobia problem

Sexual Outsiders and Kink Phobia Sexual, genders, and relationship minorities, also known as sexual outsiders, are currently not receiving the proper standard of care by mental health professionals. One of the barriers to the development of more educational programs about this population is the lack of mainstream science acknowledging it as an identifiable subculture. This blog …

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Sexual Adventure Tools

So this is one of my favorite topics, prevertables. A prevertable is taking an everyday average object and using it for sex play. I have several videos giving examples at various stores from the Dollar Tree to Rocketfizz (a candy store).  Some simple pervertables are spatulas, neck ties, and wooden spoons.  I love pervertables because …

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Gay Millennial Male Explores the World of Kink: Vol 1.

affirmative therapist

PREFACE: Picture it: Sicily 1922. Just kidding. It’s 2019. I’m a 24-years-old and I identify as a gay, masculine, bearded man that is relatively new to everything about the gay scene. I came out in 2016 and I grew up in a world MUCH more accepting than most of my friends and other gay men. …

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What Is A Paraphilia?

Malin and Saleh (2007) report that the debate continues as to whether paraphilias are best conceptualized as sexual disorders unto themselves, or are simply a special kind of obsessive disorder, anxiety disorder, or even addiction disorder. Paraphilia is not a term used in the Kink community; however, as a clinician, you will see that Kink communities will …

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What Are The Clinical Concerns For Those Who Participate In Fetishistic Or Paraphilic Exploration?


Fetishistic Exploration Gone Wrong As clinicians, we are always looking for the concept of impairment. If the clients’ fetish, Kink, or paraphilia is interfering in their relationships, work, or creating financial, legal, or health concerns, then as clinicians, we need to address that. Otherwise, most consensual sexual exploration is healthy and part of the healthy spectrum …

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