Furry Fandom Resources


All of these resources are dedicated to supporting positive sexuality and or alternative relationships and sexual identities. Websites and organization descriptions are be pulled from their respective websites. This is not exhaustive and I encourage you to add to the list in the comments and if your organization would like to be included in the list, please …

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Kink Communities and Culture Books: Recommended Reading


This is not an exhaustive list of the amazing books that are out there. Feel free to add names in the comments or email [email protected] Leather Communities Assimilation: Tales of Transformation and Surrender, Bootbush (Nazca Plains Corporation, 2012). A collection of stories that discus a variety of BDSM play including water sports and puppy play. Boots of …

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Understanding Kink for Clinicians: Book Recommendations


This is not an exhaustive list of the amazing books that are out there. Feel free to add names in the comments or email [email protected] Healthcare Ethics and Kink Health Care Without Shame: A Handbook for the Sexuality Diverse and Their Caregivers, Charles Moser (Greenery Press, 1999). An in-depth guide for patients and doctors alike to …

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Power Exchange and BDSM Play Books

recommended reading

This is not an exhaustive list of the amazing books that are out there. Feel free to add names in the comments or email [email protected] Basics Guides 50 Shades of Kink, Tristan Taormino (Cleis Press, 2014). This book is a helpful handbook and beginner’s guide to Kinky play and for those who are into impact …

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Common Fetishes and Paraphilia Seen by Clinicians in Practice


What is a Paraphilia? Malin and Saleh (2007) report that the debate continues as to whether paraphilias are best conceptualized as sexual disorders unto themselves, or are simply a special kind of obsessive disorder, anxiety disorder, or even addiction disorder. Paraphilia is not a term used in the Kink community; however, as a clinician, you will see …

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Coming Out Kinky: An Introduction for Clinicians

coming out

From a therapeutic standpoint, there are a number issues involved with coming out as a participant of any of these lifestyles. As previously discussed, Carol Clark (2011) theorizes that the number one motivator of all human behavior is a sense of belonging to a group and it is important in the formulation of one’s identity …

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Negotiation and Contracts in Power Exchange Relationships for Clinicians


If you have a client, even a non-Kinky client, who desires to explore sexuality with their partner, I find that discussing a sexual contract can be a great tool for developing the comfort needed talk about sex. In my clinical practice, I have found that negotiating a sexual contract can be a form of foreplay. …

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Common Legal Challenges For Kinky People

KinkPhobia Individuals who identify as Kinky may face a number of challenges if their lifestyle of interests is discovered or they come out. Some of the common legal stressors include child custody, employment discrimination, morality clauses in contracts, adultery charges during high conflict divorces, and housing issues. The United States has a plethora of outdated …

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RACK and PRICK: Safety in the BDSM Community


Prick, Rack, and Safety? Safety is of great concern in the community and there are three, nearly universal, codes or measures for safety and consent guidelines for which they practice; SSC, RACK, PRICK. “Safe, Sane, and Consensual” (SSC) is the oldest of these codes and is still a common safety tool used in BDSM play. …

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Power Exchange Relationships I: Fundamentals and Science of BDSM

What is BDSM? BDSM is an acronym for Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/submission, and Sadism/masochism, also commonly referred to as SM. BDSM interactions can be sexual or non- sexual and can involve direct contact and online engagement. “BDSM is also commonly interpreted from discourses focusing directly on sexuality, yet such an approach is limited given that many BDSM …

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