The Kink Phobia Problem

Sexual Outsiders and Kink Phobia

Sexual, genders, and relationship minorities, also known as sexual outsiders, are currently not receiving the proper standard of care by mental health professionals. One of the barriers to the development of more educational programs about this population is the lack of mainstream science acknowledging it as an identifiable subculture. This blog series and educational program compiles the current research and is designed to show areas of weakness where further study is necessary. This has also been why mental health providers have not been required to be diligent about learning to work with this population. There is also fundamental lack of or support for clinical research in the United States, which involve this “Kink” subculture and various alternative relationship forms seen in this culture.  

The Solution for the Kink Phobia Problem

When developing the KTCI program, one of the primary objectives is to offer solutions for interventions. At this time, there are no reported mental health interventions or protocols in publication that address working with these specific relationship populations. John and Julie Gottman are the foremost marriage researchers in the country and have developed the most researched and successful interventions for communication and relationships, but have neglected to study polyamory or power exchange relationships using their model (

kink phobia

The Gottman Method is so well researched and effective that it was the perfect foundation medium for developing protocols specific to this population. Through trial and error, I developed an adapted Gottman Method model for working with relationships in these communities, which is discussed further in this manual. This adaptation, although it has been proven effective through trial and error in my private practice, needs further clinical research in order to address the special needs of this population. 


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