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Video technology can make learning fun. As therapists, we know not everyone has the same learning style. Thus, our team of sex therapists have compiled this list of videos to help complement out blog. Our team has collected or made videos that discuss and demonstrate our sexuality products. Additionally, they have made other videos that teach important therapy skills and tools. If you have an “Ask a Sexpert” video request, please contact us.

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Sex Coaching is an amazing career. Coaching is a process that aims to improve current performance. Thus, coaching focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future. Coaching works towards goals that unlock a person’s potential and maximizes their own performance. Therefore, coaches teach you how to strategize and problem solve outside of your normal box. Sex coaches do this with sex.

Loveology University - "Coaching the Master Sexpert Course" Sneak Preview
Coaching the Master Sexpert Course - Demo video Learn more at ...
Loveology University - "Safer Adult Play" Course Sneak Preview!
Learn more at Safer Adult Play Course Synopsis: The ...
Loveology University - "Transgender Female to Male" Course Sneak Preview
This course, developed by Dr. Natalia Zhikhareva, a clinical ...

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