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Video technology can make learning fun. As therapists, we know not everyone has the same learning style. Thus, our team of sex therapists have compiled this list of videos to help complement out blog. Our team has collected or made videos that discuss and demonstrate our sexuality products. Additionally, they have made other videos that teach important therapy skills and tools. If you have an “Ask a Sexpert” video request, please contact us.

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Sexual hygiene is any practice or activity that you do to keep sexual things healthy and clean. Our sexual hygiene resources include, the feeding and care of our sexual organs, safe sex, and grooming. Sexual hygiene information is equally important for all genders. Thus, our collection of tools and products are diverse.

Quick Safe Oral Sex Tip
Therapist Nicki quickly discusses barriers you can use for safe oral ...
Penis Powerlifting
Therapist Nicki explains a tool called "Private Gym" that allows men ...
Glittery Privates
Should you put glitter inside your private parts? Therapist Nicki ...

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